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Clients Reviews and Testimonials

"DKR group blessed my life. I hired this company to consult me for my business needs. They went above and beyond educating me on credit. They educated me on lending so I was able to purchase my new home. They lead me to my business funding which help me start my second business Body Wax by Euphoria. Most important, this dynamic team LISTENS to their clients needs and help reach your goals. I’ve recommend this company to anyone who needs credit repair, mortgage advice or business credit. This company is a blessing!”
Tori S.
"I want to thank DKR Group LLC for boosting my credit score and allowing me to get funding and lines of credit in a very short time. DKR LLC started working on my credit and cleared all negative reporting information in 60 days. My credit score jumped up from 500 to 760 in 60 days. I will continue to be wise in using credit at this time in my life. I just want to thank DKR Group LLC again and I recommend this company to everyone if they looking to clear negative reporting information, and get a second chance to have great credit.”
Anthony B.
"I have been working on my credit for about six months with DKR Group LLC. I was just approved for a $15k credit card. Now i just purchased a new vehicle for $35,000 I needed for my painting business. With the vibrant and hard workers at DKR Group thank y’all!”
Marco W.