Can my credit report merge with a family member with the same name? {Part 2}

Merging a credit report refers to the process in which a third party’s profile information is revealed or included in an individual’s credit file. This might happen due to a mistake committed by the concerned credit reporting agencies. A serious lapse on the part of creditors could also end up in false credit reports. It is possible to merge a report bearing the same name of a family member.  However, it is not encouraged by the credit reporting agencies due to issues relating to disclosure of vital information.

The customers do have the option to claim that their name is merged with a different member of their family under the same name. It is where credit repair comes to aid in removing unnecessary information from a file. A person can claim for refund if credit repair is not able to perform the task within a period of ninety days. The company guarantees a hassle-free experience for their valued clients. They are requested to sign-up to get started. They would ask you to submit little information about the profile info and reports from the concerned credit reporting agencies.

The internal team would work on behalf of their clients by visiting credit bureau agencies located in Atlanta. A professional team handles the remaining tasks such as paperwork and processing of documents. If they fail to complete the task on time, the clients would receive their cash by hand.

A clerical mistake also plays a huge role in merging reports of an individual. It is quite common amongst people who share a similar social security number. If he/she come across merged reports, then they should immediately consult the concerned bureaus to rectify the issue at the earliest. The clients are requested to send a complaint to the credit bureau agencies to take stringent measures.

Enterprising entrepreneurs who are scouting around for business funding need to submit their report to the bureaus. In order to be approved for the business funding, one should have attained a good credit score of more than seven hundred. If a person has successfully achieved a mark of seven hundred or above would be automatically eligible for a credit loan.

A bad credit means he/she is not eligible for a credit loan. It prevents them from getting approved for a brand new credit. A bad credit refers to where a person has not paid the monthly interest on time. The concerned bureau would carefully go through the credit history, bankruptcies, federal tax liens etc. A FICO is estimated based on the gathered credit information. Failure to pay the interest would have a negative impact on the credit profile of an individual. A poor credit means the creditors will be reluctant to provide loans at a higher rate of interest.

An individual should focus on developing a fair credit history in order to become eligible or approved for a brand new credit by the discerning lenders.