How do WE market our business using Social Media?

Marketing is all about goals.

Without them, you have no way of knowing whether or not your work is worthwhile.

Think of it like planning a trip. In order to know when you’ve arrived, you need to select a destination first. Otherwise, you would be traveling aimlessly.
There’s another word for that: getting lost!

As a Credit Repair Company, social media is very important for us to communicate and to promote our business.

Here are the tips on how to build your presence through Social Media:

Be Active

If you want to be known on Social Media, you should post regularly. Like us, we intend to post inspirational quotes and other related topics. A robust, active page that’s full of regular posts and lots of audience engagement is a great way to showcase the fact that your customers aren’t just satisfied – they’re enthusiastic!


For me, this is the most important thing. Why? Because if you responding to your customer’s messages then, they will feel your sincerity that you can help them with their problem. Also if you give exceptional customer service, they can give a 5-star rating or they can refer their family and friends to avail of your services.

  1. If you have the budget, Create Ads for Your Page
    Yes, you can create ads for your Facebook page, and yes, it will cost you some money. However, you should focus more on what you will get in return—more followers and higher chances of getting targeted leads and sales. Of course, to get optimum results, you need to add an enticing image and persuasive copy with a call-to-action to your advertisement.
  2. Produce Videos
    Sometimes, words are simply not enough to get people hooked. That is exactly why you should create videos on a regular basis (e.g., once a month). Your videos can feature Qs&As (with questions coming from your fans), business updates, and promotions. Upload your videos on YouTube before sharing on Facebook, and you are sure to increase your views and business reach.

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