How to Add a Security Freeze?

In the United States, the effective technique to prevent fraudulent persons from accessing and using your credit card is by obtaining a credit or security freeze. It protects your details and stops identity crooks from opening new accounts through your information.



The credit freeze represents the first step to avert any access to your Equifax credit report. However, the federal government regulates these freezes. Credit card users must lift for the time being or permanently remove the restriction every time they apply for new credit. Implementing, lifting, and removing the credit report online requires signing up for a MyEquifax account. You are not obliged to create a PIN for Internet freeze transactions.


To ask for free security freeze in Experian, go to the company’s Freeze Center. Otherwise, call the numbers 1 8888 EXPERIAN OR 1 8888 3973742. Users must submit all necessary information and written request to Experian Security Freeze (PO Box 9554). Credit card holders receive a PIN. Use this number for temporarily lifting the freeze online at the company’s website.



Create a TransUnion account. If not, you cannot halt your credit online. Download or use an appropriate app. Your other options are mail or phone. Send your request for security freeze to TransUnion LLC (PO Box 2000) at Chester Pennsylvania 19016. Include the following details:

  • Legal name, birthdate, and residential address
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Copies of documents for verification like driver’s license, passport, or utility bills


The third choice is to freeze by telephone. Call 888 909 8872. Finish the process through an automated system. You can also talk to an agent. Be prepared to furnish the agent with all relevant personal details.


Requesting credit freeze for LexisNexis may be accomplished by means of certified mail. With this restriction, the company cannot release your consumer report to any third party without your explicit consent. This consumer reporting agency is covered by the Fair Reporting Credit Act (federal and state decrees). It is not an insurance provider or credit bureau.


Core Logic Credco refers to another consumer reporting agency. Security freeze comes in handy because the agency can give out information to users of its services. You do not need a PIN for unlocking the information.



Advanced Resolution Services (ARS) and SageStream (formerly IDA) allow security freeze through FAX. To improve your chances of securing approval from US Bank, one of the most stringent issuers of credit cards, restrict two of the lesser-known bureaus the bank extracts for each applicant.

The contact details of these two bureaus are the following:

Advanced Resolution Services
5005 Rockside Road, STE 600
Independence, OH 44131

Telephone: 800-392-8911

Fax: 216-615-7642

PO Box 503793
San Diego, CA 92150



Innovis refers to a Consumer Credit Reporting agency. It provides consumers with three convenient methods of placing, removing, or lifting the security freeze on a person’s Innovis report. These are through mail, telephone, or online. Check out Innovis.com for more pertinent information.