13 bad credit habits you need to break now by Barri Segal stated January 2, 2020

4. Shopping to ‘be happy’
Credit coach Marvin Smith said it’s common for people to go on mood-based spending sprees.   – Readmore

Marvin Smith with DKR Group LLC is the author of “The Psychology of Credit.” He says the co-borrower’s name appears on your loan’s documents and the property’s title. Dec 11, 2019

“This person’s income and credit history are used to help you qualify for the loan,” Smith says. – Readmore

Marvin Smith from DKR Group LLC stated Dec 06, 2019

A week ago, we were blocked on Instagram and we don’t know the reason why. But, we know now what’s the main cause:  – Readmore

Marvin and Gloria Smith write book to help others fund their dreamsby CASSIDY SPARKS JULY 30, 2019

Marvin and Gloria Smith are entrepreneurs, authors, and financial experts. They are the owners of Café Social House, a new restaurant in Mableton, as well as authors of the book The Psychology of Credit and the founders of DKR Group LLC. The talented couple is dedicated to serving and uplifting their community through good food and sound financial counseling. The Smiths spoke with rolling out about the new business and the new book in their expanding portfolio. – Readmore

Money, Meals, & More: Meet Entrepreneurial Couple Marvin and Gloria Smith – By Ann Brown -July 7, 2019

Marvin Smith and his wife, Gloria, have spent most of their professional careers working in finance. The pair are also serial entrepreneurs and often offer financial advice to others.

They are co-authors of the upcoming book, “The Psychology of Credit: Fix Your Credit Score and Be Able to Fund Your Dreams.” – Readmore

Marvin & Gloria Smith On The Psychology Of Money

Global e​ntrepreneurs & recently published authors Marvin & Gloria Smith are one of a kind, when it comes to business, unmatched customer service and most importantly results. Everything this power couple touches, turns to gold whether it’s improving independent business owners, credit or leading top corporations out of debt , the Smiths are full of power, potential and well respected throughout the industry of credit repair, business coaching and more. – Readmore

Serial Entrepreneurs With a Love for Business and Each Other
By LSherie on June 5, 2019

Power couple, Marvin and Gloria Smith as a team are authors, entrepreneurs, speakers and business coaches with over 500 client success stories and numerous awards. Based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, the couple has a strong sense of dedication for their businesses as well as maintaining the glow in their marriage. The couple is also founders of the DKR Group, LLC that allows people like you and me to regain solid credit foundation personally and professionally. – Readmore

The Finance Titans: An Interview with Financial Power Couple, Gloria and Marvin by John D. Saunders

Gloria and Marvin Smith are a FORCE to be reckoned with.  

With SERIOUS backgrounds in finance, they’ve carved out a sizable amount of influence in the arena with their company, DKR Group Financial, which has helped thousands of individuals across the world secure funding for both large and small businesses. 
Armed with financial savvy and INSANE skills, the couple took a few to discuss some financial literacy KEYS with us. – Readmore