Hi, everybody, Tamara from Boston is here. I went with Marvin to a conference and believe it or not, we both participate in the conference but I learned so much from him, so if you're going anywhere, the knowledge is not always with the teachers. It can be sometimes with the students.
Enjoy the day and find another Marvin wherever you are.
Just wanted to update you that I’m extremely satisfied with all the work you guys have done. When things are settled with my results I will be passing your information off to everyone in office and let them know how great you guys are.

The process is still not completed, but I’m satisfied. Thank you!
Michelle R.
Marvin coaching has help me a lot throughout my credit situation. The coaching has been outstanding, with his coaching I plan on achieving a lot more in the fore coming future. I thank you very much Marvin.
Richard J.
"I have been working on my credit for about six months with DKR Group LLC. I was just approved for a $15k credit card. Now i just purchased a new vehicle for $35,000 I needed for my painting business. With the vibrant and hard workers at DKR Group thank y’all!”
Marco W.
I wanted to Thank You for all of your help in getting my credit together before buying my beautiful new house. I moved in a few months ago but wanted to make sure to Thank You for your services.
Walter C.
Man your business is great I had a bankruptcy on my record and I just checked lexis nexis website and it looks like it’s gone now! That is amazing!
Perry M.
I just saw an opportunity you know, honestly, to help the people we're already helping.I'm trying to help them further not only help fix their credit, over 60 million people in the United States have had First Credit or have some support link. Something you want on your credit, so I saw an opportunity to better our business, grow our business.
DKR Group took my credit score from a 500 and something, to like a 700 and something, and I also got refunded on that.They are a great company, they changed my life.Things have been going like tremendously for me
“Thanks to The group especially my brother Marvin I couldn’t have done without you!”
D. Maples

“Got a 759 credit score in just 2 months!!”

Memphis Shaw
“Home loan denied.. credit card loan denied. I sought out help from Marvin and my credit score went up almost 150 points in less than six months.”
“The best decision i could’ve ever made for me and my family.. this was a life changing experience for me.”
“With less than 6 months of working with you guys. I was able to buy a brand new 2017 BMW”
“I purchased this Semi truck in my business name. Thanks, DKR Group Financial!”