What is a Tradeline on Your Credit Report?

Tradelines are the credit industry’s term for the accounts listed on your credit report. Your individual credit cards and loans are included on your credit report as separate tradelines. A new tradeline is created when an account is sold to a new creditor or lender and when you receive a new credit card number after.

Can You Buy New Tradelines for Your Credit Report?

If you want to improve your credit score, you may be interested in ways to add new tradelines to your credit report. The best way to do this is to naturally open new accounts and build a positive history for that account. Secured credit cards store credit cards, and credit builder loans are the best options for getting new accounts when you’re just starting out with credit or you have damaged credit.


Credit bureaus are allowed to include tradelines on your credit report as long as the information is accurate, complete, and within the credit reporting time limit. That applies to negative and delinquent accounts that actually belong to you.
Open tradelines with positive information will remain on your credit report indefinitely. Closed tradelines with positive information will stay on your credit report based on each credit bureau’s internal reporting guidelines. Closed tradelines with negative information will fall off your credit report within seven to 10 years.

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